The Importance of Belonging

You might be wondering why ‘belonging’ is so important within an Early Childhood setting. The answer is fairly simple. In order for young children to feel confident, happy, comfortable, and at ease with themselves and others, including the teacher, they need to first feel like the centre environment is a place where they are invited, accepted, loved, and “a part of the group, not apart from the group”.  

Children need to feel like they belong in order for them to grow into strong individuals, healthy in mind, body and soul.  All children regardless of where they come from, what language they speak and past experiences have a right to be part of something, to feel included and to feel equal and respected by others and the communities they reside in.

At Kereru Kindy, our homely environment enables us to ensure all our children and families have a strong sense of belonging.

All welcome at Kereru Kindy, 10 Oraha Road, Huapai.

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