We are family owned and operated.
We offer authentic learning experiences in a
‘home from home’ environment.

Our outdoor spaces have mud kitchens, climbing equipment, bikes, and more, to capture your child’s imagination…


teaching team

Our highly experienced and qualified teaching professionals are completely dedicated to providing the very best learning experiences for children



group size

Our centres are licensed for maximum 30 children. We believe your child will learn better in a small group, and research supports this.



partnership with families

We welcome families from all cultural backgrounds and value the unique strengths that each child brings to our centre. We also welcome your input and will work with you and your whānau to support your child’s development.



When children are confident,  secure and happy, they will learn and grow to their full potential. At Kereru Kindy, children enjoy a well-thought out and designed learning programme based on their  interests. We build on this in our home-from-home environments, under the guidance of well-trained teachers and, most importantly, with plenty of play.

Our goal is to encourage a life-long love of learning through open ended play. As children discover the magic in learning at this early age, they are well-placed to seek out and enjoy educative opportunities as they head towards school and beyond.

Our  curriculum is based on Te Whāriki – the New Zealand Early Childhood Education curriculum. Our teaching practice and curriculum delivery is influenced by:

  • Te Whāriki – the New Zealand Early Childhood Education curriculum
  • Pikler and RIE (Resources for Infant Educarers) Philosophies.
  • Children’s schema identification,  Athey (1990), Meade and Cubey (1996), as a tool to extend and develop children’s thinking.
  • Extended project work with older children is encouraged, Helm and Katz (2001) with the aim of identifying and building on children’s intellectual dispositions.


Our days are full of:

Music and movement


Art and crafts




Dramatic play



We learn how to:

Form friendships

Play & explore

Be courageous & try things

Ask questions and have a say

Meet people outside our whānau

Relate well to others in a group

Sing, dance & play games

Think and solve problems

Take turns, negotiate, and share

Understand our own feelings and those of others

Manage Disagreements

Chat about words, numbers, and how things work

Begin to make sense of the world around us