Games our grandparents used to play

Recently at Kereru Kindy we have noticed the children showing an interest in skills and games that are sometimes forgotten in today’s busy world.  Having a mixed age group of not only children, but teachers too allows our tamariki to be able to learn and enter into dialogue with different generations as we compare viewpoints.  One of our teachers knitted some beautiful doll’s blankets and the children were fascinated to know that these weren’t brought from a shop and wanted to learn more.  So, our planning encompassed looking into these skills and games that were played in yesteryear.  What did our grandparents used to do for fun when they were little?  Remember the joy of playing hopscotch and when props were made from anything that could be found in nature.  The experience and skills of others, what they think, say and compose can enrich our lives through the generations.

Debbie Pitout, Acting Manager, Kereru Kindy