Free Range Children

Did you know that the Ministry of Education’s minimum outside Activity area is required to be only 5 M2 per child ??!! Here at Kereru we understand the value of space and how much this supports our children in an individual way! Have you ever been in a situation where everything just feels so cluttered and claustrophobic, you are desperate for some space? Well that’s exactly how children can feel in these cramped outdoor spaces. Children are naturally curious and want to explore, they want to learn, be loud, run, play and have fun. With developments these days the size of the home is taking more priority then the size of the good old-fashioned quarter acre back yard. Come and check us out yourselves! Sit back, relax, have a coffee or tea, meet our teachers and experience first-hand how relaxed, happy, capable and confident our children are within our safe environment.

We currently have limited spaces for children 2-6yrs of age.

Call in at 10 Oraha Road, Huapai, anytime.